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hello friends


hello friends! for quite a while now i've been wanting to start up a blog, so here i am, finally doing it!

i will mostly be using this as a space to document some of the things i've been doing, whether it's messing around with linux, shell scripts, or programming.

about me


i'm a software developer, linux enthusiast, and shell script fanatic. i enjoy programming for fun, messing around with my dotfiles, writing funny software, music, and watching tv/movies (if you get the post title's reference i'm proud of you).

i'm a fullstack developer, but i prefer to work with frontend technologies, including javascript (specifically typescript) and vuejs. i also have a good time playing around with nodejs, and more recently, deno as well.

a project i've been working on recently is a discord bot named pingbot, who adds a lot of fun to any discord server i've added him to. there's no real utility aside from entertainment value, but it's fun to work on and interact with.

that's pretty much it for my blog's debut post, hopefully i'll have more content to add soon!

thanks for reading,